History & Advice

April 30, 1979 - Start of Garage VIA M.S. activities at 1607, rue Verchères in Longueuil on the premises of the Union taxi company.
Many hours and toil have been done here to satisfy and build our clientele.

February 1, 1990 -We are moving with our clientele to 3000 Chemin Chambly at the corner of Fontainebleau at Irving Station. We will stay there until the sale of the land by M Lionel Crevier in the year 2000.

In 2000 - here we are today and proud to have always been up to the demands of our customers.

5 Du Tremblay Road (Local # 2) Boucherville

Installation and / or inspection of winter tires, block heater, levels and quality of antifreeze, thermostat, hoses, muffler, rear defroster, lights, turn signals, brake pressure air tires etc ..  
SUMMER  Remember that the battery can also drop you in the heat, it is not uncommon to see this during the heat. Also please have your tire pressure checked regularly in the summer for better comfort and fuel economy.
AUTUMN  Change the engine oil as well as the oil filter, grease, tire rotation, spark plug, spinning, brakes, driving parts, suspension, combustion chamber, computer monitor, etc. 

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